ew ibelieve magicraysFollow Shelley the Turtle and her friends to faerieland with Dreamweaver Productions  nationally-acclaimed strolling show, The Enchanted Wagon!
Accompanied by a beautiful faerie princess, an enchanted turtle will roam our event, carrying her gypsy wagon on her back. When she stops, the fun begins! The Enchanted Wagon is full of doors and curtains for patrons to open, revealing a variety of activities and interactive features to delight children and adults alike. Fantastical surprises abound, from bells to kaleidoscopes to puzzles and puns that will keep the whole family guessing!
Check out the faerie tale picture gallery, or for a sillier surprise, see what’s playing at the “peep” show there’s laughter and amazement for the whole family under every flap you lift! Children will love to meet all of the faerie’s puppet friends dozens of characters are available upon request, from beautiful unicorns to joke-telling sea serpents,  to ensure your patrons will always have new friends to find aboard the Enchanted Wagon!
Pop some magical bubbles, fall under the spell of faerie dust, and watch out for a splash from the squirting flower our entertainers and puppeteers fill each stop with as much fun as possible until it’s time for Shelley to wake up and move onto a new stop along our strolling route!


3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Band


The Ceremonial Band is the cornerstone of the Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band. It combines precision drill movements with inspiring music to showcase our proud military heritage. No Marine Corps ceremony would be complete without this traditional musical element. The Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band has traveled throughout the United States supporting community events, military ceremonies and parades. They have appeared at such notable events as the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, Alaska and the annual Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. Whether performing for the President of the United States, foreign dignitaries, local military commands and various communities throughout the United States, the Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band represents the very best of Marine Corps music.