Comedy Hypnotist VIND3R twists reality and transforms audience members into hypnotized super-stars live on stage! Watch as volunteers become celebrities, musicians, dancers, washing machines and more! The shows are fast paced, fun-filled
and guaranteed to be a family experience with laughter, excitement and hypnotizing fun for the entire audience!

VIND3R is an award winning entertainer, hypnotist and mind illusionist.
His programs, seminars and stage shows are popular the world over with corporate clients, cruise lines, fairs, school campuses and private events each year. VIND3R performs on the worlds largest stages with his energizing personality,
while audience members laugh hysterically and volunteers have a blast on stage!






Nick Crawford started playing fiddle when I was 4 years old in Kalispell, MT.  At the age of 9, his older brother Rob (who plays harmonica) and dad Darrell “Dusty” Crawford, started a band called the “The Crawford Boy’s”.  By the age of 11 and 12, my brother and I had made our first fiddle album and started traveling all over the Northwest and North Central United States. As shows came and went so did different band members, when the last of the original band members went on to other things, I recruited my cousins Joe and Vernon Crawford to fill in. I also recruited some fine drummers that have taken turns playing in the band the last year, Batiste Bostwick and Zack Flansburg.  We changed our name back to the original ” The Crawford Boy’s” and added “Bros.” to it, upgraded our equipment and instruments, then, did a lot of practicing.  The Crawford Bros. Band has come together and worked our butt’s off, we are now writing our own music and recording songs, booking amazing gigs and traveling the country.  We hope to have an album out soon, thanks for your interest and we hope to see you soon!

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Jeni DoddRick Tryon

Jeni Dodd combines the sensitivity of an artist with the heart of an explorer. As a performer, she is the embodiment of the singer/songwriter, using both her experiences and her sensibilities to interpret a song. She performs any number of genres with equal ease. When she interprets a song, she makes it her own.

Great Falls, Montana singer-songwriter Rick Tryon brings a unique and authentically rich voice and style to the stage and recording studio. Rick entertains by stirring up musical memories, telling musical tales and leaving audiences smiling, singing along and enjoying real and honest music like it’s supposed to be..


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3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Band

The Rock Band is the Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band’s popular music ensemble. The group performs radio hits that span from the 1950s to present day and includes a wide array of genres ranging from classic rock, pop, alternative and funk. The Rock Band focuses on the musicianship of live performance that can only be made possible with the talent of our sound engineer team, which provides that audio experience of attending a live rock concert. Performing diverse hits that range from Stevie Wonder to Metallica, the Rock band consists of vocals, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion, keyboards and synthesizer, all played by skillful musicians. The Rock Band is sure to excite audiences of all ages as it spans the decades of American popular music.

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Shades of Blue


Shades of Blue is a progressive rock band based out of Montana with well over a century of combined musical experience. They specialized in performing modern, classic rock  and blues rock tunes. This band has performed many times at The Great Northern Fair Grounds, Valley County Fair Grounds,   four times at Montana’s Rockin’ the Rivers Festival, and many other venues across Montana, Washington, California and Oregon.

Mark Gallant from Boston, Massachusetts is the bassist and backup vocals.
Tony Rucinsky from Great Falls, Montana is the percussionist and backup vocalist.
Stuart Mackay from Lincoln, Montana is the guitarist and backup vocalist.
On lead vocals, for the Shades of Blue band, is Todd Clikeman from Billings, Montana