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AUGUST 1st – 7:30pm

A Thousand Horses and Cam, 2016 ACM Performers and Nominees, will perform. Drive across the rural South with the window down and the radio on. Hit scan and listen as muscular country, drawling rock, high gospel harmony, low-country blues and old school soul meld together into something special and distinct.  That’s the sound of A Thousand Horses and the exciting new debut album , Southernality.  Lead singer Michael Hobby is joined in the creative core of A Thousand Horses by guitarists Bill Satcher and Zach Brown and bassist Graham DeLoach. Their friendship and similar interests have helped them create a distinct swamp boogie that fits right in with country music’s current party paradigm. The trio moved to Nashville because it seemed like the natural place for their sound and soon invited friend of a friend Brown to join. They all lived together at first, writing songs, mapping out an ambitious approach. It was a special time when they formed the bond that would lead to their first record deal with a Los Angeles-based rock label trolling for talent in Nashville.

Hit Songs: “Smoke”, and  “(This Ain’t No) Drunk Dial”.



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AUGUST 1st – 7:30pm

Cam is a fresh and heartfelt new force in country music that feels like home and sounds like the truth. Her country roots trace back to her grandparents ranch in Southern California: imagine palm trees, horses, a blue barn and a tractor named Big Red. Cam’s storyteller lyrics walk a romantic line between worldly wisdom and Disney charm, and judging by her fan base this sort of thing appeals to all of us. She writes music that exudes absolute comfort and trust in her own tastes, Cam is a first-time ACM Awards nominee, receiving four nominations, including New Female Vocalist of the Year, Video of the Year for “Burning House,” and is twice nominated as both artist and producer in the Single Record of the Year category for “Burning House.”

Hit Songs: “Burning House”, and “Mayday”.


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